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Play in fantastic sceneries
ilustrated by renowned artists



Nicolás Castell

Illustrator based in Granada, he finished his master degree in Drawing in 2012, has been working as an artist with more than twenty exhibitions in the last years, and as a freelance illustrator for children books, comics, in the cinema industry, embossing industry, and for music bands as well. In his illustrations he usually likes to draw narrative scenes with historic elements and also a bit of fantasy.


David Maynar

Degree in Fine Arts at University of Barcelona, member of the Tsit-lab research (Processing and Synthesis of Image and Text Laboratory), PhD courses in Interactive Graphics and Multimedia.

After some time as a teacher of graphic design and new technologies, i decided to focus my work to my passion: the illustration for children and young people.

Junceda’s Illustration Award, in 2001 founded with the graphic designer Mar Nieto their own graphic design studio: Cian Network, with the idea of developing creative and innovate projects into communicative graphics.


Julie Escoriza

Julie Escoriza was born in France (Strasbourg, 1990) from a french mother and spanish father, came to Barcelona in 2009 where she studied illustration at the Massana school. She went to live in Barcelona and works in the fields of illustration, design and animation.

She has never stopped reading picture books, makes some manually as personal projects and has worked for several years in organizing the festival of picture books “Como Pedro por mi Casa” in Barcelona. Sometimes she shares projects with Joan Casaramona likeW”ho is the strongest in the world?”, written by Alberto Sobrino.


Alejandro Grima

Graphic Designer. Firm believer in the design of a simple and clear communication, devoid of clichés and unnecessary noise, which add value and consider the imagination and perception of thr receiver to amplify elements of the communication experience.

Considers simplicity, accuracy, and functionality key elements of visual communication in design.


Natascha Rosenberg

Born in Germany, although grew up in Spain, she is one of those lucky halfbreeds who get to live and learn two different cultures. She started off studying Law, and actually got her degree but knew all along that it was not her true calling. Finally in 1998 she started doing what felt right: working as a freelance illustrator.

Ever since, she has been trying out different things and falling in love with different techniques. You can find her work in exhibits, children’s books, magazines, book covers, softies, even on clothing.


Juan Miguel Redondo

Although he doesn’t consider himself as those geniuses who do wonderful things without effort, he puts the same good intentions and what it takes in everything he does.

He started as an electrician and got to study Fine Arts. He began to sell his work before finishing his degree and has exhibited in galleries in Madrid and at art fairs in Europe and America, accumulating praise and winning several awards, but for him, the most important is to have painted many pictures. As a freelance artist, he’s done work for Royal Talens, Dada Company, theater festivals, galleries, municipalities and many more.